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  • If a client would like to book your property, we will manage the signing of a rental contract, acquiring proof of adequate insurance from the client, as well as a security deposit.
  • All communication with our clients must go through us, and never directly between you and client. Should client ever contact you directly, you agree to direct them back to us.
  • We are proud to represent your property and will negotiate the best possible rates for you. Dealing directly with clients puts you at risk and leaves you vulnerable to careless conditions and damage of your property.
  • You are responsible for any and all legal considerations related to obtaining authorization to shoot in or on the property. If clearance is needed from another person or entity, such as a building co-op board, it is important that this be known as soon as request is made.
  • We ask that you update us when major changes are made to your property and its décor so that we may keep our files up to date.



  • Client agrees that Empire Location Company is primary contact for  all of our listed locations and client should under no circumstances contact locations directly.
  • Should client confirm the rental of one of our listed properties, it’s corresponding rental fees must be paid in full prior to project commencement. No one will be allowed on premises if fees have not been paid.
  • In case of booking, client also agrees to provide the Empire Location Company with a refundable security deposit, as well as proof of liability and property damage insurance that includes property owner and the Empire Location Company, LLC as additionally insured.
  • It is the responsibility of the client to get any necessary permits for their projects.
  • It is the responsibility of the client to make sure locations are left in the condition in which they are found.